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Your Joomla! website is currently offline and you want a person or group of people to be able to access the front-end of your website, for example a client who would like to see the progress of the website under construction.

When your website is offline, you may not want your client to have too many rights, so in this tutorial we will look at how to add only the right to access the offline website and no more.

Creating a user group

To begin, we will create a new user group. From your site administration, follow the path Users > Groups > New.Create a new user groupe.

Add a new group

  1. Choose a name for your group, here we will call it Customers.

  2. Keep Public as the parent group.

Save & close.

Change the group rights 

Next we will change the right of our Clients group. To do this, follow System> Global Configuration > Permissions > Client tab.Change the group rights.

Droits des groupes

This is where you can change the " Offline Access right " to allowed..

Save & Close.

You have just authorised the Clients group to access your website even offline and only this action. Now you can add the new group to your user or create a new user by adding this group.